Krewe-Mid-City-CaptainThe Krewe of Mid-City is the 5th oldest continuously parading organization in New Orleans.

The parade was founded in 1933 by Charles A. Bourgeois. The original members were men from the Mid-City civic association. Traditionally a member and his wife would serve as King and Queen. Mr. Bourgeois and his wife Gertrude served as the first King and Queen of Mid-City. Mr. Bourgeois also designed the original Krewe of Mid-City logo,  which features interlocking hearts, which traditionally symbolized the interlocking love of the husband and wife who served as King and Queen.

The first parade included six small floats drawn by mules, a handful of marching bands, and riders on horseback.

The Krewe of Mid-City has remained famous over the decades for having the best marching bands from across America, as well for the unique designs of the floats, which are decorated in colored aluminum foil.

As an early innovator of float design, the Krewe of Mid-City was the first parade to introduce animation to carnival floats.

Today the Krewe annually features 300 riders and more than a dozen marching bands.